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In recent years housing in West Broadway has been significantly improved through the combined efforts of the Lions Club of Winnipeg, The Winnipeg Housing Rehabilitation Corporation, the University of Winnipeg, as well as Westminster Housing Society. A transformation is taking place. Private owners are improving their properties. Property values are increasing.  However, as the quality of housing in the neighbourhood improves it becomes even more important to ensure that access to affordable units is available.

Rehabilitation projects require a capital contribution from Westminster Housing, which we use to leverage capital funding from the public sector. Westminster Housing has a fundraising campaign, soliciting funds from individuals in the Winnipeg community.  Your support is necessary to help us continue our rehabilitation work and provide affordable, high-quality accommodation.  You are encouraged to make a gift to Westminster Housing Society, either online through or by forwarding your contribution to Westminster Housing Society care of SAM Management at the address below.  A charitable receipt will be provided.

Westminster Housing Society Inc.
C/O S.A.M. (Management) Inc.
200-1080 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg MB Canada R3G 3M3
Tel: (204) 942-0991

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