Becoming a Tenant

A non-profit corporation called Five Stones Inc. (Management) is the property manager for Westminster Housing Society. Anyone wishing to rent one of our units should contact Five Stones Inc. (Management) at (204) 942-0991, and ask to speak to the person dealing with applications to rent from Westminster Housing Society. You may be told that there are no vacancies for the kind of unit you require (one, two or three bedroom, or bachelor.) At a minimum you can put your name on the waiting list.

IT is difficult to explain the amount of monthly rent you must pay, because it depends on your financial circumstances. But to start with most of our housing units have a monthly rent that has been approved by Manitoba Housing. The unit will not be rented to anyone who is rich, because the whole point is to benefit lower income people. But low income people, including those who are dependent on social assistance may be provided with a subsidy from Manitoba Housing, which in turn would provide additional funds to cover the monthly rent.

In other words, you will need to have an interview with Five Stones Inc. (Management) to determine how much you will have to pay out of your own funds in order to rent one of our units. There are no shortcuts.

To begin the rental process, download the rental application form and send the completed form to Five Stones Inc. (Management) by mail or email.

Mail applications to: 
Five Stones Inc.
528 Sargent Av
Winnipeg MB Canada R3B 1W2
Tel: 204-952-2858

E-mail applications to:

Please call 204.942.0991 for more information on the rental application process.

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